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Gangadharpur is a middle place of the District Howrah.It is connected with several parts of the district. The place was under the heels of poverty and ignorance for want of proper education. A signal of green light was seen in the locality as and when a Boys school was established in 1964. The name of the school is Gangadharpur Vidyamandir which has been converted into Higher Secondary School. In 1969 a Girl’s school was also established in the same place namely Gangadharpur Balika Vidyamandir which is now also upgraded to a High School. The Girl’s school is a turning point for spreading women education here. But the fact is that the Primary school was not established before 1973 inspite of several trouble faced by the organisers.

Mr. Santosh Das
Founder & Secretary

It was recognized by the government of WB and the locality saw primary education for their children . In the year 1981 a Degree College was established in the same premises of educational complex which was unbelievable to the people of the locality.

Behind all of these education the efforts of some persons and particularly the founder of these institutions are unimaginable and unparalleled in the history of education atmosphere of this state. But the founder Sri Santosh Kumar Das cannot stop his functions establishing all these institutions .His dream is not fulfilled yet. Job oriented education is the burning question of the date. So again he goes forward. He proposed to establish a self financing B.Ed. College for young generation of the State.He stated frankly that this college would be for people. Qualified young men shall be allowed to take admission into B Ed. courses with a reasonable fees.There is no question of any profit out of this B Ed. College. So on no Profit and no loss basis this college would be run.And the KUCT(Keshab Uma Charitable Trust) would run this B Ed. College without any profit. The profit ,if any would be shared by the students and staff of this new institution. As the KUCT has been formed under the sacred name of the parents of the founder ,Sri Das wants not to stigmatize the institution to run it in business policy. And such proposal of Sri Das was approved by the Govt. of WB. And Calcutta University and the dream of Sri Santosh Das came true.

The college at present is well organized by 14 regular duly qualified teachers and some guest professors. The poor people came forward to Sri Das to donate their plot of lands to establish the said B Ed. College,Gangadharpur Sikshan Mandir.The name of Sri Asima Rani Panja or Sri Sanat Senapati be remembered for their such donation for the college. The people in general also helped financially and manually the said collge.

A new building measuring about 10,000 square feet has been built as the building of the Girl’s school. We know it well that the cost of Girl’s School building was about One Crore of rupees. It is a unique example in the history of education in this area.. The people of Gangadharpur and its adjoining villages including the students and colleagues of Sri Das came forward to help from Mumbai,Delhi ,Jaipur,Bangalore and other cities.In this case i.e at the time of establishment of the B Ed. College the people in general along with educational magnets like Dr. G.R Mitra ,Mr.Shankar Khanra ,Mr. Sisir Kumar, Mr. Mohan Lal Haldar and other notable persons of the district came forward to help Sri. S K Das .The action of Sri Padmanidhi Dhar ,Ex M L A is to be mentioned specially. In this connection the function of Mr. Bimal Karmakar is to be noted.There are so many names whose noble works are praiseworthy.

Now we are in a great need of approval of the NCTE though the Govt. NOC and Calcutta University approval have been obtained. All Efforts have been taken for recognition of the NCTE and we hope that this B Ed. college shall not be deprived of approval of the NCTE in the interest of education-loving people of the district of Howrah,and we are sure that this B Ed. college ,Gangadhar Sikshan Mandir will be enriched as the biggest college of the State of West Bengal in near future.

All the qualified young generations are welcome to visit our B Ed. College complex and make their real decision for their future education for their all round development.

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